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How Much Your SDRs *Actually* Cost You

You have built a great hick ticket SAAS, now what? You need distribution for it to get it to the target market. ok, how do you do that?

There are two channels to sell your product: Inbound or Outbound. We are going to talk about outbound here since we are talking about high ticket SAAS & this goes without saying that most companies rely on it to sell their services.

There are multiple roles involved in the whole process like SDR/BDRs, Account executives(AEs), Sales managers. But you can’t expect your highest-paid Account Executives to do all that. That’s why you need to delegate tasks to dedicated Sales Development Representatives.

These valuable employees will help in fulfilling the pipeline of AEs to bring in more revenue and hit the desired targets set for your sales team.


Not everyone is the right fit for the SDR position. Consider a certain set of skills and if they have any experience in sales. These guys will be in charge of:

  • prospecting,
  • Outreach
  • making sure only qualified, hot leads are handed over to AEs.

Aside from finding the right people, you also have to spend time on training and onboarding them in the company. Spend time teaching them all the processes and practices that your business runs by. Don’t forget: you will have the risk of employee churn that can impact the entire sales team and cost your business serious amounts of time and money invested.

Hiring Vs Outsourcing an SDR Team

On average, the cost of hiring an in-house SDR team is around $6,000-$10,000 per SDR per month.

Also, Training SDRs takes time and can last from one to three or more months. After the probation period is over, months can pass by before they are able to bring you the ROI you’re looking for.

A simple solution that will save your company money and your team’s time is outsourcing your sales development tasks to a specialized SDR team.

Outsourced SDR teams are trained, experienced, and ready to do the legwork. They already have access to many lead generation tools, defined prospecting processes, and are dedicated to the success of your business like an in-house SDR. The main difference is cost of acquiring a customer significantly reduces by outsourcing this.

Here is the breakdown of all the difference in hiring in-house or outsourcing this:-


The amount of time & cost you save by outsourcing is game-changing. We understand your requirements and try to work in accordance with your instructions. We strive to make the process as smooth as we can for both of us.

If you think you would like to give us a chance to do this for you, we could discuss more. You can connect with us here.

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